For culinary processing, meat that has been cleansed from the bristles is used. Meat of wild boar, especially if it is slightly older, has an unpleasant smell. In order to remove the unpleasant smell, the meat should be immersed in a two percent solution of vinegar with water and thus stand for 4 hours. The meat of young wild boar, unlike wild boar meat, rarely needs to go through the process of removing the scent. The most valuable parts of wild boar are the last bouts. The middle part of wild boar cuts into three parts, because the upper and middle part is the most delicious. From the burning part, incredible hooks are made, which should be well drained, before frying or baking.

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Pumpkin contains large amounts of useful substances, which are indispensable to the organism, and therefore should be a mandatory part of the human diet, which takes care of their health and keeps it healthy. Some will say that pumpkin is not very tasty, but that’s not exactly the case. It all depends on how it is saved. In order to make the pumpkin delicious and to preserve all useful substances in it, it is best that it is baked in the oven. There are several ways to do this. Sweet pumpkin from the oven: when it is cleaned from the seeds, cut the pumpkin into small cubes. Make sugar syrup – put 200 g of sugar on 500 ml of water. When the syrup starts, put the pumpkin cubes for 5-7 minutes. Take out the dice and put them in a carpet. Put them in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees. Bake for about 20-25 minutes. When finished, sprinkle with pumpkin powder and cinnamon. Cute pumpkin can be saved in other ways: cut the pumpkin, together with the curd, into pieces, tepsiju, pour a little water and place in the heated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Remove the tepsy and sprinkle the pumpkin with sugar, then return for another 10 minutes to bake. If you want, you can use honey instead of sugar.

Dressing is easy to make, and his taste changes every salad.

Do not forget that each dressing contains 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1 tbsp vinegar or other acidic ingredients, such as lemon juice or lime juice. When this is the basis, then it can be experimented by adding other ingredients. Balsamic vinegar is best for Mediterranean salads and baked vegetables. Apple’s vinegar is good for salads with fruit. Wine vinegar is ideal for every salad and for cheeses that have a somewhat stronger taste, such as goat cheese.
Fresh citrus juice, such as lemon juice, is perfectly matched with green salad and parmesan. Lime juice is excellent for salad with macaroni.